Having suffered from a very poor back for over two years I have tried various remedies to help relieve the problem. One of these has been pilates. My current pilates teacher Saruna from Lithuania is a qualified aerial yoga instructor. I had never really heard of this form of fitness and was interested to find out more. When she stated she required some pictures for her new aerial yoga book then what better way to find out. Personally I find yoga rather tedious and tend to fall asleep, however yoga combined with a bit more “adrenaline” seems right up my alley.

We headed to the English garden in Munich for the day where we she carried out over 500 different moves. We decided on a beautiful oak tree where Sarune then place the yoga rope. For the next 5 hours she bent, flipped, hung and god knows what else. The results in my opinion are quite stunning not simply in terms of the beautiful backdrop but also the aerial acrobatics which Saruna carries out.