Founder Patrick Frost

I have been working as a freelance photographer and videographer since 2010 in the UK. I specialise in architecture and aerial photography for small, medium and large scale businesses. I have photographed buildings for architectural firms, investment companies, retail chains and major multi-national companies throughout Europe.

Fully qualified UK & German Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicle Pilot. 

I speak fluent German and English and a little French

To discuss a potential assignment, project or work please contact me directly.

When I am in England: +44 7729 463206

You can follow me here:
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+ “Menschenrechte” – exhibition at the Ladeshauptstädt München Referat für Bildung und Sport in Munich,Germany, curated by Patrick Frost 2016
+ “Alltagscollagen Junger Flüchtlinge München” – exhibition at the Gasteig Public Library in Munich,Germany, curated by Patrick Frost and Mercedes Nemeth, 2014/2015
+ “Alltagscollagen Junger Flüchtlinge München” – exhibition at the Mohr Villa in Munich,Germany, curated by Patrick Frost 2015

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