Another ongoing project of mine is that of Banger racing at a local banger racing event near my home town of Bournemouth.  I have been visiting the raceway since I was a child, however I have only recently started photographing the event. In the states it is known as stock car racing, where I currently live in Germany they simply go out into fields or gather at organised track days. The UK version of banger racing is much more liberal and health and safety would have a field day at such events.

The smell of diesel/petrol/burnt rubber always makes the trip to the raceway worthwhile. It really is a photographers paradise however I rarely see many other than official photographers at the event. There is more than enough to photography and it is always a real mix of action photos, lifestyle photos, portrait and reportage. A real mix.

The beauty of the event is that one can head to the pits and speak with the mechanics and drivers. The backgrounds of those involved always surprises me. They are not your average car thief! Most events run on Saturdays throughout the year at Ringwood raceway. Check it out if you can.
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