I was commissioned to photograph various car parks throughout the UK by my client based in the Netherlands. Having a good knowledge of the UK I set about planning for this trip with my assistant. Again due to budget constraints, time and weather the sooner we got going the better.

Our first port of call was Brighton followed by a road trip to Manchester and then over to Cardiff. We planned to allow for wet weather days and overcast skies but the weather outlook was pretty good and we decided that our time window was now or never. Brighton proved to be successful and we managed to get some good shots of the car park and surrounding area as per our brief. We could then move on to Manchester which proved to be somewhat interesting. Whenever booking rooms on my photography projects I always plan to stay as close to the property or event that I am photographing.

On arrival in Manchester we soon realised that everywhere was fully booked since Manchester City were playing against Munich in the city. To add to the pressure of the packed city and traffic a torrential rain storm engulfed the city making it look like a southern Indian monsoon. Not good. Bizarrely the next day provided us with clear skies and allowed us to take some great shots of the car park we were due to photograph in our brief.

Having waited out the storm in Manchester successfully and having achieved our shots from our clients brief we managed to contact another client who happened to have a property asset in Manchester where they needed some interior and exterior architectural shots. Perfect.

On to Cardiff where the final round of shots was taken in the newly renovated and up and coming university bar district. I had not been to Cardiff in a while but thoroughly enjoyed my visit and managed to get some good shots of the car park whilst the weather proved to be perfect for Welsh standards.