Dolomite landscape stock photography

I recently travelled south towards Italy to do some hiking with a good mountain guide friend of mine Hayden. I am not the greatest fan of hiking but sometimes when you have peaks such as those in the Dolomites then it certainly makes the whole trip worthwhile. The trails were pretty packed with tourists but after walking for a good hour or so most people spread out into the distance. What is special about the location is that troops from the first world war had to hike over the mountains with their equipment and horses and set up camp to fight against the allies. Pretty incredible since I was panting only having to carry my camera equipment.








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  1. Hildy Rossiter

    I live in Utah so I know mountains (I think ours are better than the Alps) but the Dolomites are truly beautiful. Yes, a little historical perspective always makes one appreciate the present, be glad you only had your camera equipment rather than everything you needed to survive. I for one am glad you lugged your camera along. Now you have these beautiful pictures to share with everyone

  2. Joe

    Amazing pictures! I need to get rich so I can quit work and just travel to places like this. It looks so peaceful there.


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