I had the great pleasure of being allowed to head backstage at a burlesque event at Drehleier theatre in Munich. Burlesque has become very popular in Germany over the past few years, I can see why! However it is more a fun evening for the ladies as opposed to mindless ogling by the men! There is a lot of hard work that goes into the dancing in order to keep the audience on their toes. Props are a vital part of the burlesque show. The ladies who I photographed were extremely friendly and were not shy in allowing me to photograph in their dressing rooms! What was even more exciting for a budding young photographer like myself was to see and meet Kate Middletons sister Katrina Darling who put on a fantastic performance and really made the show.101 106 42 20110527_burlesque_022 20110527_burlesque_027 20110527_burlesque_037 20110527_burlesque_042 20110527_burlesque_043 20110527_burlesque_053 20110527_burlesque_079 20110527_burlesque_082 20110527_burlesque_188 20110527_burlesque_196 20110527_burlesque_059 20110527_burlesque_141 20110527_burlesque_114 20110527_burlesque_147 20110527_burlesque_153 20110527_burlesque_157 20110527_burlesque_166 20110527_burlesque_125 20110527_burlesque_133 20110527_burlesque_108 111 113