ISUS (Integration durch Sofortbeschulung und Stabilisierung) school is an integration school for refugees who have just arrived in Munich. The school consists if a small number of teachers and 2 to 3 social workers. Those at the school do a tremendous amount of work to help out the young children who have just entered German (Bavarian) society and are still somewhat shell-shocked.

I have been working with the parent company SchlaU Schule for over 2 years now and since ISUS is relatively new in terms of staff and social workers they required some portrait pictures and team pictures for their websites and marketing materials. We took various team pictures and since it was a school, it reminded me of my school years and how we were placed in front of school building in an orderly fashion and told to smile. As a result the picture of the team of workers has come across in this manner. Not only did we take a serious picture but also a funny picture to show that they are a relaxed bunch and are very welcoming to all who visit them.

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