The munich dog walker

One of my noisiest shoots by far! I travelled with Anette and in her van to a local forest with about 9 dogs in the back of the van. Anette had set up a new dog-walking business and need some pictures for her marketing material and website and she hired me to take some pictures for her. I have to admit I do love dogs even though 9 of them were barking in my ear during the car journey. I especially fell in love with a labrador who was insistent on playing with my camera lense. Every time I lay down to capture some of Anette’s dog walking moments hew would come running over to me and start playing or licking the camera. Very sweet. Anette and hopefully the dogs were pleased with the results.
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  1. Daniel

    First of all, you deserve a trophy for being able to photograph dogs, which is no easy feat in itself! lol That aside, I think you have captured the genuine warm interaction between the walker and her pups (which by the way, look wonderfully happy and carefree). How you managed to get such great poses from them shows skill and a lot of patience!


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