Munich Public Library (Gasteig) Exhibition

In December I will be showing my work in the Gasteig public libary in Munich. The exhibition is a celebration of 15 years of the refugee school “SchlaU-Schule” based in Munich. The project is in cooperation with Munich City Council, SchlaU Schule and Gasteig. The exhibition opens on Monday 8th December at 17.00.

Gasteig Exhibition

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  1. Hildy Rossiter

    I work in a public library and think there’s no better place to exhibit your work. You get people from all walks of life and they love it when we have art or photography displays. It’s fun to see them striding purposefully towards the books section, only to stop short of their goal and get lost in the artwork I’ve seen some of your photos with the refugee school. I especially loved the dance party. I wish you the best of luck with this display

  2. patrickfrost

    Hi Hildy, thanks for your comments. Yes having been an art dealer in a previous life I understand that public areas are always an excellent catchment for attracting visitors. thanks for wishing me luck, this will be the first exhibition so I hope it goes well.


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