The micro-brewery industry is slowly creeping into Germany. It is true that Germany makes good quality lager beer, weissbier and strong beer however they are unfortunately quite behind the times when it comes to craft beer. Paulaner, one of the larger breweries in Germany have recently refurbished their micro-brewery in Munich, Germany. The refurbishment was at vast expense however the outcome is excellent. The shiny copper tuns really do stand out in the brewery and the smell of the malts during a brew is second to none. Uli Schindler is the brewmaster at the brewery and allowed me to photograph him during one of his lager brews. I managed to cover pretty much all that is involved during a brew from the grinding of the grain, the mashing process, the boil, separation, the whirlpool, cooling and finally fermentation. I chose to offer both black and white and colour in terms of the images. It was quite dark in the basement where the fermentation and lagering is carried and I did not use and additional lighting, purely without flash. Enjoy.
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