Physio T6 Physiotherapist Photography at the Marianowicz Medical Centre in Munich

Below are some recent shots taken at the Marianovicz Medical Clinic in Bogenhausen in Munich. I was commissioned to photograph the physiotherapy team based on the top floor of the clinic. The clinic is run by Dr Martin Marianowicz who is a well known doctor and television celebrity based in Munich. His other clinic is at Tegernsee.

We decided that the pictures should be in the physiotherapists own clothing which is predominantly white. We ample available light on the top floor of the clinic I decided to boost the images a little with my Elinchrom softbox. It is always a difficult choice between the beauty dish and the softbox but this time the softbox did its magic.

After individual portraits were taken of the Physio T6 team led by Mareen Schulz we then carried out a group photo. I and they were happy with the outcome. The images will then be used for the various brochures along with being placed on their website.







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