It is rare that I take product photos however it certainly makes a real difference to the classic lifestyle pictures which I carry out on a regular basis. The UK and in fact a tremendous amount of countries throughout the world are grabbing hops/malt and water by the throat and brewery like there is no tomorrow. This has led to a huge range of new beers on the market also known as craft beer. To separate the breweries from their competition some are having to make more funky brews, change packaging and also the nature of the bottles. Since a picture speaks a thousand words then grabbing someones attention by way of a photograph will hopefully entice them to by a bottle of beer. The pictures below were for a website of a local brewery in Dorset.

I decided to go for something low key without having to use a studio and lighting equipment. The pictures below are purely using a wide aperture, natural light and a reflector. As basic as it gets but the results are quite stunning. I especially love the bouquet in the background. This is thanks to Carl Zeiss lenses. Some of the best lenses in the world.

20140215-IMG_6165 20140215-IMG_6168 20140215-IMG_6193