Reportage Photography at Shanes Kitchen in Munich

As part of an ongoing with Dein München a small company working with disadvantaged children in Munich I had the opportunity to photograph their visit to a restaurant run by Shane McMahon.

The children listened to a presentation from Shane who owns the restaurant followed by an overview of how a restaurant kitchen actually runs. The talk was excellent and the kids were attentive. I tried to capture the overall feeling of the event along with close-ups of emotions and laughter in the kitchen.

For more information about Shanes Kitchen and Dein München please visit the following links:





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  1. Ann Abbitz

    This is great! I love how the kids looked as if they enjoyed themselves! 🙂 And this owner, for working with disadvantaged kids, is doing good. Taking these kids into a restaurant and giving them a walk-through is opening up doors for them as they get older and need to start deciding what they want to do. Working in a restaurant is hard work, but can be very rewarding. Anything to help them on their path to adult-hood. 🙂

  2. Paul D

    Love that last picture. Great shot!


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