SchlaU Schule circus project

As part of my ongoing photography work with German school prize winners, SchlaU Schule I recently accompanied some of the students (refugees) to Backstage concert arena in Munich. The children learn how to juggle, balance, spin, jump, tight-rope walk amongst many other things. It is a fantastic release for the children from their everyday boredom of being stuck in temporary accommodation with very little to do. Some of the children I had met before however many of them were new to the school. As usual they were extremely happy, motivated to try something new and most importantly they had a tremendous amount of fun.
20131011-IMG_0228 20131011-IMG_0230 20131011-IMG_0234 20131011-IMG_0253 20131011-IMG_0308

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  1. TE

    Diese wunderschöne Fotos sind volle Licht und Freude. Ich denke dieses Projekt ist wirklich ein einzigartige Art und Weise diesen Kindern und Jugendlichen zu unterstützen. Toll gemacht!

  2. ed pierce

    I appreciate the way you captured the movement in these photographs. I love the lighting in these photographs as well.


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