SchlaU Schule refugee school dance project

The refugee school based in Munich who I have been working with on an ongoing basis for the past two years commissioned me to take some pictures of a dance project. There were around 20 refugees from all walks of life who were choreographed by an English dance instructor at the dance studios of Gartnerplatz Theatre in Munich. I was unfortunately not able to make the final show but what I experienced at the studios was a sight to behold. I have previously taken some images of the refugees for a previous dance project. The images taken I converted to black and white but for this project I decided to add some toning to the images to give them a more arty feel and a slight energy boost!












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  1. Geaniemarie

    I love the last picture of the two boys who are laughing together or maybe crying – such emotion. The picture tells a story, it tells many stories and is just begging for a writer to come along and put them down on paper.

  2. Ann Abbitz

    Love the series of pictures here! Gives you a glimpse into something that can bring joy to many. Congrats on being commissioned for this. I can definitely see this being in some kind of pamphlet, booklet, etc. You have captured art in the making here.

  3. Kim

    These shots make me feel like I am in the room with them. Impressive…

  4. Kelly Sheldrick

    Wow! You really captured the concentration, dedication and energy of the dancers in the photos. It looks like something they really enjoy and is something they are truly benefitting from. The team work and friendship is really highlighted throughout the photo series.

  5. Josh Robbins

    Patrick, these were some really fun shots. I once did some time-lapse stuff, but being the amateur that I am, it didn’t turn out so well. I really like the fact that some of the people really got into the act and hammed it up a bit. The B and W also adds to the entire effect. It’s of course an exhibition within an exhibition within an exhibition. Nicely done

  6. Josh Robbins

    Patrick, I have to hand it to you, you really caught the moment with these shots. I used to work with a professional dance company and these photos hit home for me…and reminded me of some sore muscles. I especially like the last shot of the two young men. You feel the emotion, but you can’t quite identify it.


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