This month I was back on the island to take some pictures for Lord Shaftesbury (Nick Ashley Cooper) and his wonderful wife Dinah on their estate in Dorset. Nick has beautifully restored his manor and I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to photography two models for stock material and portfolio purposes. The images will also be used for the estate for marketing purposes.

The choice of locations to carry out the photographic work was extremely difficult since each room in the main house was stunning and had been finished at a very high level. There had been an extremely high work ethic and the attention to detail in the rooms was second to none. The library alone was a marvel. I believe the the estate is now open to the public.

My two models were both fantastic and the dresses were supplied by Suzanne Neville and looked absolutely stunning.  Sarah Abbott applied the make-up and helped with the styling and Nicola Ross helped out with the organisation of the whole shoot. Thanks to both of you.

The work will hopefully be published once I get round to the marketing side of things. For the moment enjoy the photos.

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