This was a joint project between the refugee school for young adults based in Munich “SchlaU Schule”, The European Parliament and Gasteig Public Library, Munich. Having work with the refugee school on an ongoing basis over the past 3 years I wanted to try and get some more exposure for the school and the ongoing refugee crisis in Munich. I had built up good relationships with the refugees over the past few years and they had a photographer who they could trust to produce the images to be shown to members of the public.

The initial idea was to try and portray young adults coming from far away and suddenly being immersed in a completely new culture. I wanted to portray them in their new environment, Bavaria. The images show what is of value to the refugees, what they may have brought with them on their journey, something close their hearts, something they use everyday and their connection with these items. The tidal wave of refugees entering Europe and there are now numerous pictures, exhibitions and books about their journeys, troubles, battles etc. but these images show a glimpse of young, inspiring individuals who are living life to the fullest in their new environment.

A documentary of the exhibition carried out by German television station Bayerische Rundfunk can be found here:

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